hi guys!
im new to guitar, and i have just a few questions!

1) What is a guitar tab? I dont get them lol.

2) Any recomendations for easy beginner song tabs?

3) Any techniques that you might want to pass along?

Thanks guys! I hope you are able to help!

Oh and by the way: No rude comments about my beginner status, or any spamming. Ok?
a tab, to me, is a alternative to learing notes.
How to read it: the go from low to high(bottom to top) on the tab. the number represents the fret you put ur finger on.

this means that you would leave the low E sting open(highest up on guitar), put one of your fingers an the second fret on the string below that, ect....

2) try Hey Girl-O.A.R. not the easiest but it was one of the first i learned

3)if you cant play a song as fast as it really goes, learn it slow and steadily increas the tempo. also when learning how to easily be able to put your fingers where a chord goes; put your fingers down and play it, then lift your fingers up a little bit, put them down, then play again. make sure you get a clean sound. increase ow much you lift your fingers up each time.

good luck