I'm building a guitar, and I need some help with the neck...

1. I know how to find the neck angle (mark the nut, then measure the bridge height, mark this 25 1/2" away, and measure the angle), but I don't know how to measure the bridge height. I have an adjustable Tune-O-Matic, so should I measure it at the highest/lowest position, or somewhere in the middle?

2. When I tested the angled neck pocket, there wasa small gap between the end of the fretboard (where it overhangs the end of the actual neck) and the body of the guitar. How do I eliminate this?

3. When I finish the body and neck, the finish will make the neck bigger and the neck pocket smaller (because of the layers of paint), so how do I compensate for that?

4. When I paint the guitar, should I just attach the neck, mask off the fretboard, and spray, (the neck and body will be the same color), or should I do them separate? (and then worry about question #3)?
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