I've been singing for about a year or so, and I'm pretty happy wth my voice. I just started singing and playing guitar in a ska/punk band. I need some advice when it comes to not singing from your throat becaus alot of people on this site say I'm singing from my throat. So can somebody please explain to me how to not sing from your throat. Thanks. You might wanna check out my songs in my profile I reccomend "Old Man Dan Killed My Dog" or "THis Is My Life"
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Lay flat on your back on the floor and project/sing. That will force you to use your diaphragm.
Try holding a note, any note.
Start with whatever is comfortable for you, inhale lots of air so you are flexing your diaphragm and sing that note, hold the note even until there is no sound coming out.
You should feel like your abs are getting much tighter, that is your diaphragm working out.
If you do excercises like that then and stick with them, you will get a stronger diaphragm within awhile. I used to sing with my throat as well, and it sounded fine but i was often forcing my notes and losing my breath faster.

If you sing with your diapgragm, and get used to it, you will start to see results with sustain of your voice. The one thing is that you will sweat more because you are working a muscle. I hope this helps.