Ok, what exactly are scalloped frets?? I've heard a lot of people talk about them and just say a picture of what they are, but what exaclty do they do??

Make it easier to play, different sounds?
I think it's about sustain... And a friend of mine played on a guitar with scalloped frets and said it was really comfortable

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The scalloped fretboard guitar is an instrument combining qualities of the South Indian vina and the steel string guitar. The fretboard is carved out in between the frets in order to reduce friction between the pads of the guitarist's fingers and the fretboard. With a scalloped fretboard guitar, the pads of the guitarist's fingers touch only the strings, and not the fretboard. This facilitates note-bending techniques.

That's what I got from google.
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Mostly good for wide vibrato and so on. Think Malmsteen, Karl Sanders solos.