Bleeding All Over The Resignation (A Short Success Story)

This is a piece I wrote in about half an hour with a sort of hardcore/hardcore punk backing/vibe haha. Possibly ala Converge. Might well be terrible though: see what you think

A two week notice to the county
Do I sign in biro or blood
Do I best cheat myself?

..Best ****ing tell me
What happened on those wasted nights
All the times that we never saw sunlight
Avoiding alleys and bottles and bull****
Only causing trouble when not on the end of it
Down in the downtown oh, not again
Hanging with the 1 to 5's but never fitting in

My suitcase is packed to the goddamn brim
Bad money broken hearts and toughened skin

'till i've lost everything thats dear
'till my home's no longer here

'till i've lost everything thats dear (My case is packed)
'till my home's no longer here (My case is packed)
(Don't wave goodbye)
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not bad.
i like it okay.

not sure baout 'yet a ****ing-gain' tho.
it seems like that part doesnt need the '****' ^^