Hey, whenever I plug in my power supply, all of my Boss pedals, and Boss only, turn on. Why is this, and how can I stop it from happening? And it's not because they were on from before, I'm certain . Thanks
Umm...i'm not sure, that just seems to be how things work. It's not THAT much of a hassle to just turn them off.
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1. What's with the thread title?

2. Why does it matter? Do you plug in your power supply half-way through songs at gigs?

3. This happens with my Boss DD-6. It doesn't take much to just kick it off again.
i think it is just a feature to let you know that it is pluged in, cause my line 6 pedal does the same thing.
Yea, boss pedals turn on everytime you plug them in, for some it's convenience.