I ordered a TC electronics G-sharp, simply because I love reverb, chorus and delay. I am now looking for more songs that'll put this unit to the test! Post your favorite songs that contain reverb, chorus or delay.
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U2. The Edge was pretty big on using delay - both subtle and pronounced.

If you want something newer and you're into indie, try Circa Survive.
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Lots of Coldplay and U2 songs use delay, Bloc Party also uses delay but not as much. I don't really know much about chorus.

Here are some songs you could check out:
Origin of the species - U2
Spies - Coldplay
City of Blinding Lights - U2
Where the Streets have no Name - U2
X & Y - Coldplay
Like Eating Glass - Bloc Party
White Shadows - Coldplay
Talk - Coldplay

Have fun.
ah U2 why didn't I think of that.....cool nice list I'll check those out
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