So I recently got a virus and had to wipe my hard disk. No matter, my installed programs are: AIM, Zune, BitTorrent, and Guitar Pro, easy to reinstall, it took maybe 3 hours tops. But all my music was erased from my hard drive.

Still not a problem, since all my music is backed up on my Zune itself, but is it safe to just hook it back up and sync the music? Or will it go the other way, and my Zune will sync with the computer, wiping all my music off it and into oblivion? That's not too big of a problem, since I can just download the discographies of all my favorites which will take a week tops, but I'd rather not have my 40 gigs of music disappear into thin air.
oh...a mp3 player...yah, it will be fine. if your worried that much just dont let it sync and manually move the music files to where ever you want
You should be able to turn auto sync off in the software... not sure if you need to, but I would just to be safe