...to Florida Institute Of Technology and I'm majoring in physics.

Has anyone else been accepted? Where?
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no i wasnt im transferring to a community college before going to san fransisco state
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high school ftl

Stop your useless posts. Please.

And congrats.
University of York and University of Lancaster, both for Physics.

UK system is a tad different from yours though.

EDIT: Congrats btw
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Too true, Roger. Too True.
Been accepted to Alfred University, Niagara University, University of Colorado at Boulder, and University of Northern Colorado/ I'm going to Alfred though.
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i got accepted to loyola in chicago, marquette in milwaukee, and bellarmine in louisville.
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...to Florida Institute Of Technology and I'm majoring in physics.

Has anyone else been accepted? Where?

Played mate

I hate physics, always respect those big brained boffins

I'm more a biologist, but have fun (Y)
Leeds College of Music to do Music Production.
Studios here I come
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University of Arkansas at Little Rock, majoring in systems engineering, minoring in mechanical engineering...the highest math I've had is high school algebra. Oh ****.

Gratz, btw.
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University of New Hampshire and Keene State College for journalism and music, respectively
I was accepted to Brown the year after high school ended for historical studies, specified Egyptology. ..Then I saw the cost and applied at Boise State.

..Where I was accepted. ..No particular classes in mind, but I was. ..And they sent my last fafsa papers a month after they were due. Stupid bastards.
^don't brown have awesome financial aid? why didn't you apply to a similar standard of college that did? i'm confused.
my name is matt. you can call me that if you like.
The University of Kansas, and Columbia University in New York. Don't know which one yet though.
F lorida U niversity
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yeah man i got accepted to:

University of South Carolina
College of Charleston
Davidson (in NC)
and Coastal Carolina

i wanna major in Marine sciences, but my parents tell me im gonna change my mind, so idk what school to choose.
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