For my event in a science competition (Science Olympiad, some highschools have them.) I have to build a string instrument, and it has a certain allowable range, i'll look it up later, but I know that the lowest it can go is the G in the second octave and I think it can go up as high as the E in the 3rd octave.
I have to perform in the bass clef, so it'd have to be tuned so I can perform in the bass clef (i'm doing a duet with another person). I was thinking of making something along the lines of a lap steel (i'll be playing bottleneck slide on it). Any ideas or some sites that can help me out with making an instrument. I have 2 weeks for a local practice competition, and in 4 weeks, we have a regional tourney.

Also, I am still undecided on what kind of wood I should use. I may just go on ebay and get a chunk of a sexy looking hardwood, since i don't want to spend all that cash on a mahogany/other nice tonewood. And the wood will also have to be worked with easily, and take a transparent finish nice.
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if you want it to look nice but aren't really worried about tonewoods, you could put a veneer over a cheap wood.
As for a tutorial of some kind, I'm not sure where to find one. Maybe search for a lapsteel build on here and contact whoever made it for some help?