Im getting a new guitar and i need a quite versatile, one but one problem my budget is £400- £450 any suggestions.
Mexi-Strat. Or Gibson SG.
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Amp is gonna be a big issue, but maybe a Fender HSS Strat, or possibly a Schecter with coil splits.
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I have a marshall mg 30 watt piece-o-**** but genrally i only use that in band practice at gigs i use in house amps. i also have a 15 watt ibanez which is quite good.
only one thing to say:Get your ass off this computer after reading this and head to your nearest guitar shop to try anything u like
O its hard to say what i play i am in a few diffrent groups so i need something to change from metal to britpop to funk to jazz to clean classical esque stuff.
A Jag maybe?
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I would go for the mex-strat...are almost mthe same as the american...lvo the sound
Yeah go for a mexican fat strat if you're into those... but you should really try out other guitars while you're at it.


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What's your current guitar?

Depending on what you tell me, I would say to upgrade your amp first.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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