I just put some new strings on my guitar. They're GHS brand 10s.
I think the old strings were 9s, so the 10s place a bit more force on the guitar than the old strings.

Once I finished stringing it up, I looked at the guitar to see if anything went wrong. Well, the bridge was pulled up considerably more than before (it's a strat-style bridge). Also, the strings are very close to the frets when the string is open AND when I fret down any frets.

So how do I fix these problems? Do I raise the action, adjust the bridge, etc?
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Try installing an extra spring at the back of your guitar, i think that will solve your problem.

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There's threads on this. You need to tighten the springs on the back of the guitar, and maybe add a new one. Do it slow, with 1/4 turns.
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You need to adjust the screw holding the springs inside the tremolo cavity. Make them tighter until the bridge is floating at a good level (or flat it its that type). Then adjust the height of the bridge saddles (the 6 thingys that route the strings on the bridge) to raise the action using a little allen wrench. You made need to readjust the bridge after doing this if you make any big changes.
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