My guitar recently just stopped putting sound out through the amp. It's not the amp because i have tried other amps and nothing comes on my tuner ( it doesnt respond). Is it my pick ups? the place where I plug the cord into my guitar is a little loose but my guess its not the problem.

Any help?
tighten the input jack back up and if it doesnt work you may want to look to see if you input jack cable has been snapped
Most likely its a bad solder job on the output (there is no input on a guitar) jack. Open up the plate and see if the wires are loose. If not, do the same thing under your pickguard. If the not there, then its probably a bad potentiometer. Rarely do pickups just stop working.
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I could be off but.. if the they are active pickups then maybe you need a new battery, it happened to me when i played through my amp... well i could hear a little bit but it was definitely quite, once i replaced the battery it was back to normal.