So I've wanted a tele for a while..

But I'm not ready to plop down 450 bucks on the sunburst one.

So I figure,


get this 110 dollar replica,
throw on some fender noiseless pups, and I'm all set.

Is this a good idea, or would I be better just getting the fender mexican tele?
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I've heard both good and bad things about the SX Tele copies. Personally I have never used one but for the price I would expect it to be on about the same level as a squire. Save up a little more for an Agile and then you should be closer to MIM quality.
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The real Fenders gonna be more reliable in the long run......
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The replica probably has a lot of crappy hardware that you will need to replace eventually. Also you never know what the playability is like. My suggestion:

Go buy a squire telecaster, immediately replace the tuners and pickups. Its cheap, and the squires have good necks and bodies. They are well made, just use cheap components. This is what I did, and I'm very happy (I'm not a man on a budget either).
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The Fender is probably better, the replica only costs $110 so imagine how much detail they must have left out.
i agree with red exodus....its just not worth risking the replica
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mim tele
just save up an extra 300 bucks and ur there
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the only way to see if you like it is to play it. i wouldn't buy off the internet, you might be getting something junky, or you could be getting a really great bargain on a quality instrument. if there is any way you can play it and examine it, do it. look for sturdy reliable parts, like stable tuners, a good bridge, make sure it has good intonation, and that the saddles wouldn't need to be constantly adjusted. seriously. it's hard to say about off brand guitars. yeah, i know some folks will think "well, it's a cheap guitar, so it's gotta be crap", well, maybe, maybe not. play it, see how it sounds, look at the hardware! Now all you folks like that, stop insulting everyone else's gear please.
doo bee doo bee doo...

well, too bad there isn't a REAL brown on here...

something like that doesn't look too bad.. It's just That if anything i'd rather save up for a usa strat than the mexican ones.

I'll probably head out to guitar center in a few days and give them all a try.
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a geniune tele is going to last in the long run. good choice of going with teles instead of strat like every other guitarist i know