Hey ya'll, I recently moved into a new place and all of a sudden I am picking up some kind of radio signal through my amps. Any suggestions on how I can eliminate this?
I was thinking of getting a "noise suppressing" surge protector, would that work or is it a bigger issue?
Right now I have a Crate 2x12 and a Peavy 2x12 which are both getting it.
Thanks a ton,
I have the same problem.
Anyone have any solutions?
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^yeah that would be the problem here, they're a few tiles short of a roof and wouldnt undertand.

if both amps are getting it, it's either

power source
guitar isn't shielded
stompboxes in non-metal enclosures

or something else
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Thanks Sendrith. I've pretty much figured it isn't the guitar or effects, so it must be the amp or the power source.
Now I am wondering if anyone has any tips they have used to solve the prob? Is there a good power supply I should use, or will a cheapo surge protector due the trick.
Maybe a grounding issue? I think that could cause the wires in the house to act like an antenna, although, I could just be spittin wind here.
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The Rolling Stones have to have standby equipment incase of taxis using frequencies. If they can't cure it why should you be able to? Nothing can be done unless you want to create studio conditions! I've had it taxi pick up information on the best Marshalls money can buy -- so even upgrading doesn't seem to be the answer!
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I get it too, but it does not happen on the clean channel. I can unplug my gear, so I know it has to be the amp only. Strange though. Whenever I put it on channel 2 or 3, I can hear people talking to me out of my speaker. It's actually kinda funny.
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try moving your amp to another part of the room. used to happen to me 100% of the time, with an old Crate SS amp. I thought it was bc it was a low end amp....apparently not. But moving the amp always made it stop. I know its not addressing the root of the problem....

I have never gotten radio signals thru my fender deluxe.