Hay guize wuts goin on? No?

Well, I tried searching for this, but I didn't think th results were too useful (UG's search options were no good)

So: baritone guitars with a Floyd Rose- Do they exist? Do they work? Et cetera...
I'm not aware of any but I don't see why they couldnt, go find yourself a luthier
If I remember correctly, the new 2008 Schecter Blackjack series has a baritone guitar, and it might have come with a FR. I'll double-check that for you.

EDIT: Nope, sorry. How much are you willing to spend? A retrofit of a baritone guitar or a custom guitar might be a good idea.
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Actually, it's because a friend of mine and I are thinking seriously about getting started building guitars, and one of his first ideas was to make a baritone Les Paul with a Floyd. So I was just checking for him if someone had done it. Figured this was a good place to ask...

But I personally don't see any conceptual flaws either...
KxK have done it. Karl Sanders' Custom signiture Warrior V comes in baritone scale and has an OFR. Never seen it on any other model than that though.

Go for it dude! Make a set neck Iceman with a Floyd in it and I'll be interested for sure!