alright so i am going to buy a wah pedal and im lookin at the vox v847a, but i have a question. do i have to buy another cable to use it or can i use any 2 cables
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Any 2 cables should work...

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alright thanx guys because i thought i had to buy some special cable or something like that
i have another question, do pedals not work well on certain amps or does it not matter what amp you run it through
yup, it also depends on the speakers aswell but seeing as you have a Vox AD30VT it should be fine

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it should work fine, but its kind of a low gain wah, so if you plan on playing metal, I'd advise against it. (its a great pedal for anything but metal though, im planning on selling my cry baby and getting one in the near future)
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Vox Wahs pwn. just be careful because the AC adapter is not included, the only advice I can give you on the wiring is to unplug the input when you're not playing. Otherwise it sucks dry the batteries.