Howdy, I recently upgraded from Gearbox to Guitar Rig 3 in the pursuit of a better recording sound, however I can't get it to work with Cubase. It's all set-up so that Guitar Rig plays through my GuitarPort, and works fine on it's own. However, when I open Cubase it refuses to recognise that it's running and either Guitar Rig is making a sound but Cubase is not recognising it, or Cubase is recognising the sound but giving me a clean, quiet recording instead of the pre-set sound on Guitar Rig.

Exactly what the **** am I doing wrong? I assumed the software would work the same as Gearbox but yeah, help!?


It will work i had the same problem awhile back!
Ok this is what you do/

1) Open Cubase Project

2)Click on Devices

3) Click on Mixer2

4)It will open a page with a mixer by the first click on the (e) icon

5)Next you will see another page click on the empty spot and add guitar rig as your plug in

6) Select your pre set and close

7)Now to hear your sound in real time click on the small speaker icon by your selected track

Hope this helps
P.s once your done recording your take . turn disable the speaker icon to hear what you have recorded