Anyone watching it at the moment? I'm guessing most people who are, are from north america even though hockeys pretty popular in europe
i am
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hockey? what is that?
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Hockey isn't really very popular in europe or not in England at least
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Seriously wtf was that?
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Hockey isn't really very popular in europe or not in England at least

It is in germany sweden russia....but the only 2 won win in the olympics is Canada and russia
i wish i could, but my school doesn't have the channel....i hate how the national media treats hockey
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It was a joke, siting the large number of fans that the NHL has lost since the strike in the States.

well i dont have it here, i love hockey but it doesnt get much coverage in teh southern states, who's leadin
I love hockey to death.. Im from Toronto so I really enjoy playing and watching it. Even though I live in T.O, its ironic how I like the leafs and the sens, big rivals. But yeah the allstar game is too hyped up just like the skills comp. yesterday that wasnt as good as i thought itd be. Jason Spezza is a god!
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I loved Superskills last night. How sick would Ovechkin's fancy penalty shot have been if he'd've made it?
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what channel?
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The problem with that competition was that they didnt pick danglers. They just picked stars. Ovechkin and Kovalchuk are amazing players but they should pick guys who have amazing dangles and moves like Sam Gagne or even Spezza. Getzlaf was trying to get creative but everyone is didnt do anything special. Yeah Ovechkin did that one thing, which was pretty intense.
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what channel?

CBC. you Chara's shot at like 103.1 mph...
Yep. 7-7 right now

Alex Ovechkin FTW
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