I'm guessing it's the ernie ball regular slinky strings? And I'm assuming Slinky means easier to bend? Yes, never used ernie ball before and never saw slinky, but I heard they were good so I tried them out (10's, I don't think my guitar has the proper action for 11's and I don't like 9's).

Am I correct in my assumptions? And if so, are there any Ernie ball strings not that easy to bend or do you wanna reccomend me some good strings for AC/DC, Zeppelin, Guns n Roses type of hard rock?

Thanks, sorry for my noobishness.
Nothing Wrong with the strings you just need adjust your git someone here will help you out
Page and Slash both use Ernie Balls. So you shouldn't have a problem with the slinky's for what your playing.
Ernie Ball Slinkys are a lighter gauge than most strings. They're .010's and that makes them easier to bend, because they are thinner. I use Super Slinky's which are .009's.

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