I managed to get some decent sound out of my G9.2tt - I record via USB in the cabinet mode, with the eq turned off - I adjust the EQ in adobe audition - I use the following settings: H: 30,6 M: -4,6 L: 19,0. This gives me a nice heavy tone, but there is a problem - noise! The sound is generally good, but you can hear some annoying clicking all the time. Of course it's much less audible if I don't set the high frequency so high, but without this, the sound is muddy and flat. Here are two samples:

1) http://www.box.net/shared/rgfs8r8kk8 ~240 kb

a short, heavy riff. the tone is nice but you can already hear this annoying clicking

2) http://www.box.net/shared/e5a9rvysck ~2,8 mb

a short track made using extensive reverb. I like the sound, but this clicking is horrible!

What can I do about this? I am really beginning to feel disappointed with the 9.2tt ;(. it sounds very good when I play through the amp, but the most important reason I bought the effect for was recording. And when I finally managed to get a pretty good tone, there's something wrong with the quality ; /

I record via USB with my G9.2tt and it works fine. What exactly is cabinet mode?

Also, was the pre-amp from the Zoom or your amp?
the cabinet mode is a kind of simulation of a microphone, at least that's what I guess. you turn it on by pressing the cabinet button, just under the eq knobs. without this turned on, the sound is horribly fuzzy via USB and I can't imagine recording without it. As for the pre-amp - I don't know what you mean exactly. I record via USB, so I can't use my amp - I just plug the effect to the computer . No other amps at all.

Can you record some samples of your heavy distorted sound and provide your parameters used while recording?
Thats weird I record without cabinet and its not fuzzy. Have you tried recording non-heavy riffs? Also, do you use the ZNR?
yes I do. Ok, I tried recording non-heavy riff, but thats not the point! I WANT heavy distortion .

The clicking is not heard when I play via the amp, only on the recording.
besides - what software do you use?
Yeah I didn't mean I wanted to ignore heavy, wanted to try to pinpoint the problem. What amp model (distortion) do you use? And what software do you record with?
I use my favorite preamp so far - Rect VNT. I record in Adobe Audition, because the cd with Cubase LE was missing in my package ;\ I am still waiting for the store to provide me with a copy, they must have lost it somewhere.
I see. My best guesses are: Make sure ZNR is at 6 or above, make sure you USB cable works properly, and make sure on your recording program that you adjust the input volume lower. On Cubase you select the output volume it plays at, and the input volume at which it records.
I've got all that settings and I guess the USB cable is alright... Damn, I'm actually beginning to wish I bought a Line 6 Live POD instead of this : ((((((... or maybe someone can post some settings that will give a good distorted sound?
Just use Low like 6 Mid 2 Treble 8 Presence 8 Harmonics 6 Low-Mid 3
Like 90 gain

Zoom Distortions > POD Distortions
lol, so prove it please. Post a recording made via USB. Please. I want to hear that. Because I have tried these settings and the effects were HORRIBLE. besides, the settings you provided here are very wrong, too much gain !!

Here's my short version of SLAYER's Angel of Death, recorded on POD X3 Live.


Can you do something similar with a Zoom?

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Wow you seem to give up really fast.

just try another software

software is practically irrelevant.
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