I'm planning on trying out for a fine arts scholarship at my local institution of higher learning and Im just wondering what do they look for? Is there some specific thing they look for? dundundun...

Out of curiosity, what institution?

Scholarships aren't as hard to get as people make them out. I have a polish/jewish (ie Caucasian) friend who got a grant from the NAACP just by writing an essay.

Think of every performance you've done and put them down somewhere if you can, number of years experience, get letters of recommendation, include some of your work if that's allowed. Put yourself in the scholarship judges shoes and think 'what do i want to see in a student that will make me give them this money?'
then do it.
Conjunctions (don't, couldn't, won't) on the application or in the essays are no-no's as well.
I will call you out from shelter burn your wings and learn their letters
gracias. but the thing is.. i have to play for people in charge of giving the scholarships, and i have no idea what to play. and im not sure how long id have to play...