Looks don't mean anything. I have a little over 600 to spend on me right now. If you guys have a deal that may be a little bit higher than that, then still pm me or reply on here, I may be able to get the difference. Thanks.
I have a Johnson JM250 head for sale with floor controller. If you've never heard of the amp it was a head and floor pedal that retailed for around $2500. It is a has a tube preamp, several amp models to choose from, digital effects and more.I've played Metal live and it covers it well. Look here
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Sorry, I fixed the link.

This IS a tube amp. It uses 2 12ax7's in the preamp section. The power amp is solid state so it could be ran without speakers.
Thanks alot for responding, and fixing the link. I'm just not interested in it. Anyone else have something?
i have a Crate Blue Voodoo 150H that im selling if your interested.

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