I've used the search bar but I'm still not really getting it.

Anyway, I'm thinking about buying some pedals. But I don't wish to buy batteries and I am aware that I should buy a power adapter(or is it power supply?).

But nonetheless, I have a question still.

For example, if I went out and got like, 2 or three Danelectro pedals and the necessary(sp?) amount of cables to link them together and then got A Dan-o power supply would it be enough to power all of the aforementioned pedals?
I'm not sure on the specifics of the Danelectro pedals and adaptor, but here the quick guide to Power Adaptors.

Basically, each pedal has a certain mA current intake, and power adaptors have a certain mA output. The Power adaptors output mA has to be more than the pedals intake (combined).

OD pedal intake = 10mA
Delay pedal intake = 80mA
Total = 90mA

Your power adaptor has to have an mA output of 90mA or higher.

Most power adaptors have an mA output of about 500mA or 1000mA (maybe even 1500mA).

So what I advise you do is to add up the amount of mA intake your pedals combined need, then go out and buy a power adaptor that has at least 100mA over that number (for when you want to buy more pedals etc.)

Another thing, the guitar tech at my local center told me that its best to get an adaptor with 9VDC rather than AC power.