so this is my bands first show, they want four hours of music but none can be metal which is what we mostly know, so id like some of u to give me some good old school rock songs to play, preferably with two guitars
Jessica - The Allman Brothers
Livin On a Prayer- Bon Jovi
Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones
Layla - Eric Clapton
Black Dog - Led Zepplin (only is your vocalist is capable of course)
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some thin lizzy, lynyrd skynyrd, boston, aerosmith, allman bros.
Keep the change, pimps don't jangle
back in black - ac/dc
killing in the name of - rage against the machine
pretender - foo fighters
wild thing - cant remember

ooo and btw holden has some good ideas - layla and living on a prayer are 2 great suggestions. good luck with the show anyways.
play the ramones self titled album, in it's entirety.

you'll score mega p0nx points
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4 hours of music is a lot for a first show.....

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^ agreed

and play the first Boston album in it's enteriety for the Epic win.

MOre than a feeling
Peace of mind
Forepay/Long time
Rock & Roll band.
Hitch a ride
Something about you.

and after that.
do some AC/DC thats always good
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ye, i doubt your set will be more than 45 minutes...
do some kiss, like detroit rock city, strutter, black diamond, cmon and love me
all the young dudes by mott the hoople