Hey im new to all this elecrical stuff and have wanted to try it for a long time. I just need a couple of links that are good to get started on.Articles on how an amp works and an easy small project to get started on like a small wattage ss amp. Thanks!
hmm type in - how to build a tube amp. into google, and u come up with aload of websites with tips and also packages to help build ur own tube amp.
i was thinking more of a solid state amp to start with because i know tubes are expensive and dangerous.
Something like a Little Gem or Ruby would be for you. I've been thinking of building one just for the heck of it, they are simple little amps that run off of 9v batteries.

You should be able to find what you need for this thing at your local radio shack.

with the little gem is there like a step by step kinda thing somewhere because i really dont know the first thing about this lol.
I would advise you cut your teeth with mod projects before going into building amps. Get an Epiphone Valve Junior and do the BitMo mods to gain experience. This is extremely important when you're working at something that can literally kill you if you screw up.

EDIT: It would also help to read some books on electronics theory, how capacitors, resistors, and and other parts work and why, etc.
that sounds awesome but lack of funds is a bit of a problem there lol. but i just kinda need to know what to buy because i could get a teacher at my hs to help me with putting it together and understanding it.