For a while i've been growing my hair out and it's been going pretty bad. at first it was an afro then i got a volume cut and now it's long,but way too dry and resembles gene simmons hair. i want to have long hair, but it's a bitch with mine. is there anyway for it to be straight and not look like i have a helmet on? when i straighten it with a blow dryer it looks like i have a helmet on
Soooo? Just equip a helmet. Preferably a badass helmet.

Problem solved.
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Get a straightening iron? Use conditioner, and get some treatments? All those should help you get healthier hair. Also, get trims every 6 weeks or so.
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find someones hair that you really like, cut it off then glue it to your head
problem solved.

but in all seriousness, just get a straightening iron.
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Try better shampoo and conditioner. You can use some oily stuff if you want to, like mayo, though I prefer shampoo. Look for the kind for dry hair. Also 100 brush strokes a day should help make it softer and shinier.

ya, like a guy is gonna sit there and brush his hair 100 times.
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