Not bad. Vocals are quite in tune, guitar is ok. I didn't think the chorus was as good as it could have been.

I have to be horribly critical here and say I don't like the sound of your voice a huge amount...its just the intonation on certain words, probably the accent? I'm not used to hearing those with an American accent cover Radiohead songs.

Overall its quite good, but I think it could be better. Another guitar part might make this a little better too.
thanks for the crit. Thom Yorke's singing style is very unique and there's no point in imitating. I'm sorry you don't like my voice, but each to his own. I just recorded it with one mic and in one take. I'm too lazy to add the keyboard part. :p
don't rate the way u play the intro at all, horrible. But i like the rest, i like the way its all done, very sombre, catches the mood of the song completely, well done

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Okay, this was a great attempt at this song... I'll list my favorite parts and then I'll state my critique.

A.) The recording itself was high quality, with a very nice mix.
B.) You've got nice control on your voice and a lot of nice emotion.
C.) Nice tone with the acoustic guitar.

Now the critique:
The first thing I noticed about this song was how sloooow it was. Take a listen to the original and catch that sort of swaying dreamy rhythm it has. I really feel that drives the song and, this leads me into my next point, the singing... You've got a great voice and it sounds like you've really got a passion for singing, which is severely lacking into today's music community in my opinion (too much screaming). However, it seems that you kind of put too much emotion into it, but I think it only comes off this way because the song is slowed down so much.

If this was exactly what you were going for, then you can take my opinion and toss it in the garbage, but I would really love to hear another take of this a bit sped up but keeping your great vocals.

Great overall take though! Nice starting point to go off from!
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