hey, i was wondering if any of you knew about a goofy goober rock tab (spongebob geek) that has the insane solo. i looked at tabs but it didn't look like it had the solo.
The song is called I Wanna Rock by Twisted Sister.
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i have looked! it just doesent look like the crazy fast solo is in the tab and i wanna play it real bad!also, the solo in goofy goober has different friggin notes! come on UG ers! i don't want the names twisted sister and i wanna rock, i want goofy goober solo! how many friggin times do i have to say it????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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We're not tab machines. Not being considerate of us and bossing us around isn't going to get you a tab.

Sorry. When you grow up, I'll think about tabbing it.
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ive looked for ages and yet to find one... finally a dood on youtube has done it but pretty poorly. 70% of it is just easy pentatonic box **** just the fast bits mite be tough to tab... maybe use a program to slow down to 50% speed (ie WMP)? even if i could tab that run near the start of the solo... no way in buggery wood i be able to play it! :P look at that guys fingers MOOOVE wen they show real time footage in the movie for it. friggen intense!