I've never played a Hughes and Kettner amp before....what are they like?

Is a H & K vortex head and 4x12 cab worth getting for £300?

cheers me dears
what type of styles do you play? then i could tell you to go for it or not. if you play hard rock and metal, definantly go for it at that price.
er no not exactly....

more soft-y rock...classic rock 2 i spose

creedence clearwater revival, kings of leon, t rex tht sort of jazz
Well, I play on a H&K, and I play anything from psychedelic blues to heavy metal. Great versatility. Though I haven't played on what you're thinking of buying, so I'm not sure.
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I play on a Switchblade and I absolutely love it. Of course mine is tube(and higher end than the Vortex) but H&K make great tube amps, can't sya about their SS amps as I haven't played any of them.
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I played a H&K Vortex today, and while it was a nice amp for metal it still didnt have the grind that I was wanting. Its nice and pretty versatile and the one I found was $200, but it wasnt all that I was hoping for.