id like to add a subtle smooth overdrive to my tone and im looking for a valve pedal/preamp
any suggestions?
what about ss stuff that emulates it like the sansamp?

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EBS has a ValveDrive pedal with a single 12AX7 tube in it, I believe. It's supposed to be pretty good as both a pre-amp and a tube overdrive.

The SansAmp is pretty good as well, but it's just a tube emulator, which means there are no tubes in it. If you're going to invest in one, I suggest the programmable one, as you can have 3 presets which is better than one.

Stay away from the MXR M-80 DI and the EBS Multidrive and stuff like that... most other overdrive pedals are pretty gritty and not smooth at all.
i know people say behringer sucks but i got a behringer mic ultragain 200. its 50$ does keys guitar bass vox etc. got it to amp a non powered pickup for an acoustic... dont really mic that guitar much now so now its in my electric chain.. sounds good more dynamic depth and a little warmer. and looks really trustworthy
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Fulltone Bass Drive. It is made to emulate the sound of an overdriven tube preamp, and it absolutely kicks ass. A bit pricy, but you will never regret it.
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Valve preamps are just a gimmick, so they put an ECC83 in a Marshall, Ashdown, Hartke etc I'd rather they dropped the price and left them out, for valves it's all about the output stage; that's where the Balls/power/tone come from.
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