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i love it, a five piece wizard thru neck? im definately buying one
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Aside from the headstock, it's pretty good IMO. Might be too metal for some, and probably built in Korea though.
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I prefer the old style too, with the binding and normal headstock. Yet, the new one has some nice features!
That's a sweet looking guitar, I really like the white. I wouldn't buy it though. But it's nice all the same.
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I agree, I like the metal look, But now I miss the Ic400.

And the New one is too much, I don't think its worth 640, But I haven't tried it yet
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i did a double take when i saw the styling on it, its like the same styling as my RG. different body shape of course though.

isnt that the Iceman the guy in Dragon Force plays? it comes with Evo's, so i assume so.

:edit: maybe not, it actually comes with D-Activators. my bad
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still want one with a floyd rose, and two vol. control knobs. or a killswitch
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That's a sweet looking guitar, I really like the white. I wouldn't buy it though. But it's nice all the same.

I don't remember what the old headstock looked like

looks alright to me though if thats your style
i like it, except that they stole my custom guitar idea =( and it only has volume knobs.
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Im a fan of the older Ice"men" they had a more vintage quality to it.
As much as I like the white it screams "Look at me!!!"
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and probably built in Korea though.
Almost certainly Indonesian.

And hey, it looks cool, the specs are good, the price isn't a disaster either. But that don't mean yawl can't keep on whining about IC400 cancellation.
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I still like the old headstocks, and I can't believe they got rid of the 2 vol 2 tone. I also don't like the new pickup selector placement, and they've taken the inlays of the RGs. Man I'm glad I've got an older Iceman.
I love it man, couldnt ask for more out of an Iceman...........well wish it had a nice Floyd on it.
yeah i like the old headstock and the binding better, but the new lines this thing has are alot sleeker and more aggressive.
i friggin love the iceman, nicest body ever
the old head was better though
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i friggin love the iceman, nicest body ever
the old head was better though

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at my local guitar center, they havent stocked one for months cause they were waiting for the new model :O
I want one with 7 strings
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i like the ic400 better....but this is still sweet lol....it came out in 08? 07? when lol?
yeah im pretty sure thats the one for the guy whos not herman li in dragonforce. im not sure cause i got slow ass internet, and cant load hte pictures, but what im wondering is why would oyu be making like... millions of dollars selling out to GH fans everywhere, and put an Edge III on your signature guitar? that guys gotta be retarted, or a sellout... or both
Dude, wtf. That guitar has a penis.
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they should take gibson's cue and flip it the body 90 degrees.
the funny thing is the Sam Totman was almost my ideal instrument:

24 frets: check
iceman: check
evos: check
bridge: double locking floating! yay. WAIT EDGE III wtf mate

not that i'd get one anyways, but i felt like sharing.
i have a 'white guitar'