I imagine these are good for Sabbath, and other forms of metal/rock? Are they worth putting in a guitar, or is there a better alternative for classic metal/classic rock?
I think they are a bit overpriced (like all Gibson gear) check out Dimarzio or Seymour Duncan as well.
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The Tony Iommi pickups, can do most metal exceptionally well, but in my opinion they aren't the most versatile pickups, thats why I went for a set of SD 59's for my SG, they are cheaper and more versatile, but for a sludgey sound the Iommis are great.
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Dimrzio Breeds.

Mr. Seagull, I checked out your DiMarzio Breeds on MF, and there's a bunch of different options to choose from...are they just colours?


Plus, I am seeing quite a few reviews saying it will make my Les Paul sound like a Strat, which I do not want. Are you sure Breeds are good, or should I look at something else?
I have them on my epiphone iommi sg, they're really good for metal/hard rock. The pickups are quite 'hot', but you can get some more mellower sounds if u roll down down the volume slightly. I would say they are quite good for classic rock if that's what you're looking for, but the only problem is that the cleans aren't fantastic; not bad either either, just kind of... mediocre.
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Seymour Duncan SH-1 '59 + Seymour Duncan SH-14 Custom 5.

Some of the reviews say the SH-14 Custom 5 has a nice Sabbath sound. I think I'll consider this. Not sure about the other one though...

GFS Vintage '59's or Mean 90's.

Tony is a huge influence of mine, and I've never gotten a better Sabbath sound than I got from P90's or PAF's
I have to say I love these pups and wish they were better priced because I have a couple guitars I would love to toss them in. I am trying scratch togehter $400.00 because I found an Epi Tony Iommi SG for that price. It's stamped a 2nd but I could not find a thing wrong with it. I plugged it in and luckily the place was empty and the guy said I could crank it and I did. Just for comparison I plugged in a Gibson SG in the same amp on the same settings and the Iommi one just blew it away. I know it's the pups those things scream.