Hey guys I've got some whey protein and I make a milkshake with it and ice cream and milk. Is it alright if i have two in one day, or should I just have one a day?
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it depends, are you weightlifting or body building, if you are probably two, if you aren't and just hoping for a miricle shake... one,

form one weightlifter to another.
The thing is I've been working out for the last two years but I'm still a lean guy with lean muscle. Recently I was in a dodgebal league lol and my shoulders really really sore so I havent done any working out for about 5 days. Anyways today I had one, and I want to gain some more weight so I feel like another, but is there any harm?
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Yeah, if you're lifting and building and can burn it off
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What if Im not? Will it still help me bulk up a bit? Cause i need to put some more weight on cause i gotta big hockey tournament in a month.
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Eat more, eat more, and eat more. Chicken and turkey are great sources of protein. Also, protein supplements are exactly what they say they are...supplements. Things like height and current weight/body fat % would be more helpful here.

As far as supplementing goes, match your body weight in grams of protein each day...especially if you workout those days. For mass building, I would recommend Muscle Milk. But I personally take Oryx Goat Whey. Read up on the stuff and I'll bet you will too. You absorb 92% of the protein (as opposed to 52% with cow whey) and it absorbs three times faster than cow whey.

Overall, heavy lifting, switching up your routines, and a great diet will get you all the results you could want and more.

Also, www.bodybuidling.com is the best place on the internet for bodybuilding xD
If it's the first shake you've ever had, I recommend in the STRONGEST possible tone that you drink it while physically sitting on the toilet.
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