Drive a car by yourself with only your beginners' license or even without a license at all?

A lot of kids in my school drive to school everyday illegally because they think its cool but I think it's pretty stupid. The penalty for that if you get caught must be huuuge.

Do any of you know people who do this frequently? Any stories?
Also does anyone know what the actual penalty/fine is?
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i have my license therefore i drive with a license.

when i only had my beginners i drove my friends cars with them in it though.
Is a beginner's license in Canada a learner's permit in the U.S.? Like, you can drive, but only with an adult over 21?
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Is a beginner's license in Canada a learner's permit in the U.S.? Like, you can drive, but only with an adult over 21?

Pretty much yeah.
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I have a license. Driving legally is fun.

I think the penalties of getting caught depend on the area...but one of them must be getting a nice, expensive fine.
we can drive with any licensed driver who has had their license for four years.
we have three stages of license. G1, G2, and G. three tests. it's gay.
in america driving without a license results in not actually being able to get your license until you are 18, though there are probably many other consequences for it as well, idk about canada
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i know some people who do it and then go around talking about it because they thinks its cool. i just think they are stupid as hell for doing that because if you get caught you pretty much cant drive till your 21, but i guess if they are already driving illegally it wouldnt make much difference.
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Pretty much yeah.

Okay, thanks. I always obeyed the law as far as that went, but once I got my provisional license, I've ignored most of the laws that go with that (in my state, I cannot drive between midnight and 6am, nor can I drive teenagers who aren't in my family).
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yeah in america if u got caught driving underage without a liscence you cant get your liscence till your 18 but a kid i know got caught and for awhile it was gonna be that but then they changed it to if he could drive but if he got a ticket before his 18th bday, his liscence would be taken away

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No. It's not hard to get a license. I don't see why advertising the fact that you're too stupid to pass the easy test in order to get a license would be considered "cool" by anyone's standards.
Yea, for a while too. Had to drive about 11 miles back and forth to school. Sucked. To top it off, I was driving without insurance for like three months too.
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I have my license now, but I use to. I only did it when I really needed to go somewhere, and there was just way of getting me there. In retrospective, it was a very stupid idea, but I suppose if you can actually drive, what does a piece of laminated plastic mean?
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I could've gotten my license a long time ago, but I'm terrified of driving. I have to get it soon though =/
One of my friends drives alone only with her permit but she's getting her license in like a month...
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theres a ton of bored cops here, if I went out with a beginners license just for a minute or two then I would probably get pulled over.

'but ive been deriving for a while now and have never been pulled over.