Okay, well, I was playing this morning at church and it was working perfectly fine, then I guess after I let my friend play it, I bought it home, the neck pickup had extreamely low volume. The bridge pickup sounds like usual/normal, but the neck you can barely heard out of it now. >_< I went to GC and the guy said it's was just too low, and he fixed it. He told me, I just had to raise it a little by tightening the screws. As stupid as I was, I forgot to try it back at GC, then I come home and it's still the same..

What's wrong with my neck pickup? Do I have to replace it?
It could possible be the switch, those lp switches crap out all the time, happens to me too. Just try flicking it back and forth four or five times, if you still have no luck then i cant help you.
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