Okay, well, I was playing this morning at church and it was working perfectly fine, then I guess after I let my friend play it, I bought it home, the neck pickup had extreamely low volume. The bridge pickup sounds like usual/normal, but the neck you can barely heard out of it now. >_< I went to GC and the guy said it's was just too low, and he fixed it. He told me, I just had to raise it a little by tightening the screws. As stupid as I was, I forgot to try it back at GC, then I come home and it's still the same..

What's wrong with my neck pickup? Do I have to replace it?
Umm try cleaning out the pickup selector with some contact cleaner. Other than that I dont know.
Chances are your pickup is perfectly fine, and it's the electronics that is giving you the trouble.

Try turning the neck volume all the way up and down a few times. Sometimes that can do the trick. Also try toggeling the switch for a while to see if that helps.

If none of those work, open up the cavity and see if there are any loose wires, or wires that are holding on by a few strands.
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Do you have a multimeter so that you can check DC resistance?
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well, on my LP, sometimes the switch will get ****ed up from me doing some killswitch action, and one pickup will lose volume, and I just wiggle the switch until it works again.

my switch is definately about to die.