My dad said that being able to sing and play at the same time is a good skill for a guitarist (or any musician I guess). I don't really like to sing, cause my voice sucks, but I have tried it and realize how hard it is. Are there any exercises that can help me get better at it, or is it a practice makes perfect technique?
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There are exercises. It's called using the search bar...

That's not very nice....

Practice both parts individually then slowly put it together...It should get easier as you learn more songs...
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feel the guitar instead of thinking about how to play it.....then singing should be easier...
^ +1

and try some blink 182 songs. lame as they are, they helped me (i have a ****ty voice too), and i can play some fairly complex stuff now while performing vocals. i recommend first date - signing goes with the chords almost exactly
It's pretty much a practice makes perfect thing, I think.
As mentioned earlier, start playing stuff with really simple chord progressions and basic vocals and move up from there.
Don't think that having a good voice makes helps you catch on faster. Not to be arrogant, but I'm a damn good singer and I used to have all kinds of trouble playing and singing along to the most simple songs. You just have to practice. Focus more on getting rhythms and timing correct instead of making sure your voice sounds all right, you can do that separately and it will fall into your playing.
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Starting of slow with the guitar and voice at the same time is the best i think... Then when you feel more safe on the singing and guitar playing you can raise the tempo with like 5 bpm, and so on!

And who the **** cares if ya have a bad voice , if somebody complains that you sound unconcentrated, then tell them that its kinda hard becouse you've just learned!
And yes, feel the guitar when you play and dont try to concentrate too much on it!
what you could do is really get to know the song first, learn the lyrics off by heart etc... then sorta learn the basic chord structure, play the chords with the song a few times n in no time you find yourself singing along!

the best thing you can do is find the words that the chords change on and sorta emphasise them to remind yourself (if ya get me :] ) haha, and if it isnt for chords but for single notes then i duno, i struggle with them, probably the same thing goes tho! and haha yea i have a really Sh*tty voice n all! haha

some good songs to learn though for starters are oasis ones, the chord structures are really quite simple and repetetive yet effective and the words are usually based around the guitar or vice versa!

oo also with the feel the guitar bits, what you could do is look distantly out a window or summit, that always helps me, just sorta wander off into the song! hope this helps! and good luck!
1.Try the easy songs at first ,
2. sing the solos of your favorite songs at least the slower parts (fast shred parts would be a bit harder to sing LOL)
3. play all the intervals and sing them while playing -this might be boring but it's very efficient .

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