I've been looking for a good extra thin pick.
Right now, I'm using Celluloid Fender Thins (I think they're below .4 mm)
and I'm looking for some better picks.
I've been referred to using Dunlop Tortex picks, but their lowest size is .5mm which is a little to stiff for me.

Any suggestions?
Dunlop tortex are the greatest

i use 1.4 mm, but ive seen a couple dunlops that are like .3 mm
I use Dunlop nylon picks. They're extrodanarily bendable. I use .47 and it works perfect.
Thanks. I'll look out for the nylon ones next time.

Yeah, I really love the extra thin. I used to use heavy, but I started to play faster, and I play kinda hard, so I switched to thin.