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"Tears and Tempature"

I was sitting under a street light,
the air hurt my lungs.
(Eight minutes till midnight)
To cold to take a drag,
I held it in my hands...
soon it was nothing but ash.

A dog trudged towards me through the snow,
she licked me, and I laughed at the warmth.
Petting her I asked, "do you know how to cry,
because I don't think I know how."
...She simply laid down beside me.


Naked brown limbs claw the desolate gray sky,
imploring a stoic lord for mercy.

The callous, cutting cold has clipped them of their flags,
purged their identity, and made them brittle.
The vicious wind has forced their brethren to tumble,
and have littered the ground with the fodder of conflict.

Fragile, elegant flakes take the air in teams to cover up the evidence.

---December '94---

   [B] "Six inches of SNOW!"
                       "They didn't cancel school."[/B]

Mom always knows how to ruin my day. 

              Dress in layers.
              Go to recess.

Fourteen friends, two third grade teams. 

Another average winter day, 
in this third grade hell.
At least until I start walking home--

  [B]  "Let her go."
                      "Shut up little kid. Don'you know that we 
                        sixth graders run this place."
   "I don't care, don't
      shove her face in the snow!"[/B]
I'm glad I black out in high pressure situations...
   "What happened... why is my face so cold? 
        My nose is Bleeding!"[/B]

She leans in close, like she's going to whisper
then presses her chapped and snowy
rose colored lips against mine,
then quickly jumps to her feet and trudges away.
              My first kiss.

Only cost me a bloody nose.
Women will be the death of me someday.


I graduated last year
             in December;
Walked out, proud, with my diploma.

Got on the bus,
    slip and s_________lide
        my way
                 the bridge.
                               'I'm okay.'
                     'It's just a bruise.'
I'm happy
    sitting in the
    snow with you.

                    A romance
                             in the
                          of Prague.

Leave me here, I'll let you go;
saw her walk away, footsteps in
the wet wet, red red snow..
                        My winter is a ten second epic,
                        It's a change for the better.

[I]Dreary days, so overcast,
the branches are stark bare.
The falling leaves fall from
the trees, if only I could care.[/I]

                        I can't count to ten.
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It seems like UG is full of those Caveman Metalheads

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I meant caveman as in long haired....

eish. difficult. i don't like the style of the two black ones, though the second was definitely better.

i've already expressed my problems with blue i think. stoic is all wrong. maybe its just cause i'm a classicist and hence fussy about these things, but i just couldn't get over it.

green was unexciting. i didn't like how it was written, and i wasn't excited by what it said. it felt like it was trying too hard to achieve a significance whilst also trying to seem casual. in the end, i didn't think the significance was there. the dogs actions don't mean anything because its a dog. the words to the dog and the actions of the dog aren't connected because the dog can't possibly understand them. what is it with people trying to make dogs human recently? oy...

also, that (eight minutes till midnight thing) felt like some kind of dodgy pop punk song.


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