If I see this what would I do? Strum the third fret then hit both of the 0's? Skipping a string is odd.

The program he used to make it messed it up and it should be 3-5-5, not 3--0-0. But when this case does come, you just use an unused finger to blcok it. Play it as if the empty sring is an x.

EDIT: My bad. Not necessarily an unused finger. I would use the same finger I fretted with to block it.
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you would use say your index finger to fret the 3, then rest it over the A string to mute it out, and followthrough with the strum to hit to 2 0's
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fret the third fret with your middle finger and mute the 5th string with it as well. strum all the strings except for the 1st and 2nd strings.
its supposed to be a power chord. those 2 0's are same as 2 5's on the strings under them. you would play it 355xxx.