So I've been listening to this band alot the past few days.
anyone else absolutely love this band? Idk what it is, but I'm hooked. Their hooks are just like entrancing.

Currently I'm listening to Baby Girl, I'm a Blur
^^ thats good too.
I'm such a musical freak. I listen to literally everything but country. Rap, rock, metal, death metal, indie, everything.
You should check out the official Say Anything thread in the Pop Punk/Emo forum. They'd probably be the best people to talk with.

I have ..Is A Real Boy, which I really like. Good band, with some pretty witty lyrics.
ya their pretty good, my favorite song is yellow cat (slash) red cat
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I've been addicted to them ever since I heard ...Is a Real Boy back in 2005. Amazing band, amazing albums, amazing live too. Max Bemis is really a musical genius. Anyone who hasn't heard of them before should definitely have a listen, I doubt you will be disappointed.
I've been listening to The Pop Punk and Emo forum quite lately.
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Love em. Take this to the Say Anything thread in PP&E
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Oh... I misunderstood the thread title apparently.

i seriously burst out laughing
Say Anything strikes me more as alternative rock than pop-punk/emo. But that song Wow I Can Get Sexual Too is so annoying.
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well, I'm gonna report this guys. to the PP&E!
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