Alright well me and a few buddies get together a lot and play, but the truth is im horrible at any kind of rhythm making, or making up solo's.

I understand playing in the right key, and staying in that key... but I just cant get stuff to ever sound very good or something that you could lay a solo ontop of.

So anyone got any suggestion on ways to practice making some rhythm progression and what not. Ive heard about modes and stuff, but I really dont know to much about em.

But any kind of suggestions or things to read up on to help would be great
and I just realized I spelld rhythm wrong in the subject, haha my bad
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try learing some jazz stuff....
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pick three or four chords that sound decent together and repeat them. then pick a few different ones in the same key, some of them can even be the same chords, and repeat those for a different part. then solo in the same key on top of that.

that's the simple way to do it, there are different, more interesting ways to write songs.
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Use a drum machine and muck around on the guitar, you will have 100 rhythms in no time
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Listen to the rhythms of music that you like and build off of that. Or take a very basic rhythm, and keep adding small things to change it up a bit. You could do this by changing the rhythm of the notes (like from half to quarter, or eighth, etc.), or by adding fills and runs. Just some sort of ideas for you.
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change time signatures every bar like meshuggah and august burns red. that'll be pretty interesting
When I write rhythym and lead on guitar and bass I do just what that one guy said and screw around 'til i find something i like
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You just gotta really sit there and stay focused. Eventually you will find something. Never stop trying. That's all that counts. Love that guitar.
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