So this is the first attempt I am making at actually writing a song. I jot down alot of littles verses I come up with in my head all over the place and the try to put them together to make sense of something. This is nowhere near finished please critique it all you want any suggestions would be helpful. I know it might not make any sense so please lend a helping hand. Also keep in mind its more of a slower acoustic style song for what I was gonig for.

Take a breathe and breath me in so deep
Open your eyes and see what is me
And as you begin to wheep just let it be

I wish I could take it all back
I wish you could take me back
I wish I could go back to the day
The day that you were mine
But I know that's too far gone now

It's not ever gonna be the same.............

I miss you touch and your taste
Yearning to be in your arms again
Please hold me like you used too

I never loved anyone as much as I love you
I hold you so dear in my heart
Starring into those pretty eyes
Falling in love so many times

It's not ever gonna be the same.............

I will update as I can...............