which one to buy..

Electro-Harmonix metal muff w/ treble boost
Boss metal zone (MT-2)
Boss metalcore (ML-2)
Digitech Metalmaster

yeah... thats all i can think of.
so i have about a hundred to spend on a distortion pedal, but i can burn a few more dollars. If you have suggestions for anything else, please, tell me. Personally, i don't like any of the other boss pedals ( dont hurt me).

ok thanks.
Metal Muff FTW!

Though everyone is gonna tell you to get a new amp, no matter what.
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have you played a proco rat?

sorry its not on your list.
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I bought an MT-2 when I first started playing guitar and I loved it. But once I started to develop an ear for tone, I liked it less and less...

Now I got a metal muff with top boost, and I absolutely love it, personally one of the best distortion pedals in the price range you can get.

my two cents
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Out of those choices, it's the metal muff.

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If you want lots of bottom end to the sound like death metal the ml-2 will give you that, if you go with the metal master then try the distortion factory by digitech wich has like 7 different distortions built in like the metal master, the mt-2 and I think a elctro harmonix distortion pedal(cant remember wich one)

I tried the electro harmonix metal muff but it sounded too fuzzy.(just my opinion)

EDIT: maybe it was just the amp I was trying it out cuz a lot of people seem to like the metal muff

Still either way try them out for yourself and you should decide which one you like best
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I would get a better distortion because you can't beat good amp distortion! But out of all those I'd go with the metal muff.
Go metal muff, it's definitely worth it!
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out of those id say go for the metal muff

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i play alot in drop b, and i love my ML-2 ^^
Easy to set-up.
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im so pissed about my mt-2 sounding like **** you should def go with the electro harmonix on this one