Anyhoo, I think I may have figured out acoustic chords to said song.. It mostly sounds right, but the song itself has a lot of nuttiness in the music, so it's hard to tell =\ Any learned musicians out there who could support the chords being as follows...?


Em... G D/F#
Lalalalalalalala lie lie lie
Em... C B7
Lalalalalalalala lie lie lie x2

Em... G D/F#
My baby, my baby.. Let me go...
Em.. C B7
Because ya love me, ya love me... Let me go!

C5 B5
Take my hand and lets end it all
She broke her little boneson the boulders below..

*main melody on LOW E and A STRING, still capo 1*

Sound yay or nay>?
i really cant tell with it man, tried it out, sounds okay to me though
Yeah that's what I think of it... I mean... when you play the full chords, I feel only slightly doubtful of the D/F# but it's the only thing I could think of, and it's commonly seen among similar chord progressions..