I've always been fond of this band, and is probably the only hardcore/emocore (whatever the ****) band i can say i acctually LIKE. I dont know theirs something about them what can i say.

im so ****ing excited about feb 9th, as i will FINAALLY see them live. Anywayssss, just talk about this band here, what do you all think about the newest album? i really havent been able to absorb the experimentation although ive only heard it a few times really. its the old stuff im highly infatuated with

btw I was wondering if anyone knows the setlist for this tour?
Ive only heard Botchla and it was pretty good. Any song recommendations?
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anything from You Come Before You and Opposite of December.

"Loved Ones" is godly. And if they play Crystal Lake heads are going to roll...
Crystal Lake is so sick,
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I think devildriver, lamb of god and killswitch are the best black metal probably ever.

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the clean vox weren't bad a lot

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Opposite of December is a great album. I don't have much from them other than that though. A Wish For Wings That Work is my favourite song by them.
They're touring with Crime in Stereo.

I'd go to see CiS, but I'm not a fan of Poison the WEll.

EDIT to below: Yeah, the Chariot and Dance Gavin Dance, along with Crime in Stereo, who in my opinion are the only band worth seeing out of the bunch.
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hmm i heard they're touring with "The Chariot" whoever they are..

btw i have no idea what to expect from the crowd.. i know their will be a hearty dose of emo's/scensters assclowns and perhaps airpunchers? i hope it isnt too gay in their because i plan to be intoxicated and well.. lets just say bathroom razors will be jealous.

anyways, once again - if anyone has been to any of their shows for the tour please tell what songs they played?
It's got its moments, but it's too much like local level metalcore, it's just JUN JUN JUN JUN JUN OKAY I FINALLY HAVE AN IDEA!

Best PTW is the 2006 demo, and then they ruined what they had with those songs on Versions.
lovelovelovelovelove this band. Seeing them the 17th at the Ottobar
Any idea of their setlist this tour? Hopefully a good deal from Tear from the Red? Or am I being too hopeful?
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