Ok, this is another what guitar thread. I'm having a huge problem finding the guitar I want! I cant decide if i want a 6 string or a 12 string(Has to be an acoustic). I don't really want it to have a cutaway or any electronics, none of that acoustic electric bull! These are a few of the brands that I would really like it to be.
I cant decide what I want. I'm probably going to spend $1500ish, maybe more if it is really badass. So if you guys could give me some input on a guitar that would be great. ive been looking forever, but I want just about all the guitars i see.
Go for a Taylor. Clapton uses 'em.
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get a martin, breedlove, or seagull. you could get like 3 seagulls for that price, or 2 breedloves. the martin will probably be best though.

don't get a 12 string just to have it, the repair costs, string cost, lack of selection, tuning annoyingness, and difficulty to play might not be worth and tone or volume advantage. depends on your playing style, you'll know if you like them once you try it.

and be sure to play them, acoustics are tricky in their uniqueness as two of the same model can be totally different.

and dno't knock A/E guitars.
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Get a 9 string acoustic. The perfect compromise between a 6 string and a 12 string.
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no one knows what type of music you play, and know one can know you or your preferences as good as you do, whatever it is make sure you're happy with it at the end of the day

"get a taylor because clapton plays them" is ridiculous, get what fits you based on sound and feel, who cares what they play, i've never owned a martin, but the singer in my band has one that he threw 2 grand on, and I have had plenty of time wiht it, nice wood but I thought it was extremley over rated, heh, the nicest thing about it was the case it came in......... thats my personal thought, im not saying taylors suck, I'm just saying it didn't exactly grab my interest.

aside from those bands you listed, If you had a lower price range i'd suggest a gretch, but for the dough you are looking to spend I HIGHLY recomend checking out Guild acoustics, the dreadnaughts are pretty nice, as are the valencias and aragons
try asking in the acoustic guitar forum. the pit is for topics that are not covered by all of the other forums.
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