Hey G-players, does anyone know if there is a Songbook for Atomic Playboys or any of Steve Stevens other solo work? I reckon he's one of the guitar community's most underrated and forgotten about players but he runs rings around alot of G-men. His new work of art will be out in March FYI. Can't wait. Big thanks to anyone that can point me in the right place to get his tab books.
Check out Black Light Syndrome, pretty cool stuff.

I can't help you with the other stuff, sorry man.
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Yeah steves great, very inspiring for me..... his Flamenco A-go-go is very good, the title track sucks tho.... His Bozzio Levin Stevens Album "Situation Dangerous" is very good too, if you can handle Bozzio's overuse of the china cymbals....
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Thanks guys, been away from the pc for a while. Got myself a copy of BLS. Awesome stuff. I still haven't seen any tab books but sometimes when I learn a song it loses its beauty in my mind so I mite just stay happy to listen for a while longer LoL (is that a bullsh*t excuse or what?!?!)
But if you do see a site with his books please let me know.

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