Hey everyone, we probably have all read JackFlash19's tragic story of Samantha passing away due to cancer, so as a sign of respect and loss, I want to just put my her name within my Sig out of a sign of respect for her and Jack, all my best wishes to you man, I hope with time you can overcome this great loss. I would ask anyone else who was deeply moved by his story, or would like to show respect for a fellow pitmonkey, to do the same.
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the cops will lie to you. accept it. believing things they say is the intellectual equivalent of sticking your dick in a pencil sharpener.

R.I.P Samantha
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wow man, i havent read the story, but best wishes to Jack in overcoming his great loss, losing loved ones is always hard

much love and respect to him for being able to pull through something rough like this kind of loss, i'd be more than honored to sig this. R.I.P Samantha
Good idea
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please keep the discussion of samantha in JackFlash19's original thread.
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